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Clients always receive a personal, friendly service and technical expertise

From short and sassy to long and luscious, whatever your hair goals, we make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling your best

Clients always receive a personal, friendly service and technical expertise

From short and sassy to long and luscious, whatever your hair goals, we make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling your best

Salon Services

At Vintage Hair Salon, Blackburn, we proudly bring experience, professional expertise and dedicated one-to-one customer service to each of our clients.

As a busy hair salon, we work hard to ensure that every client receives the best possible service and value for money, whilst enjoying the personal care and attention from a qualified and highly experienced stylist.

Whether you’re looking for short and sassy, or long and luscious, from the moment you arrive you are welcomed into a warm and friendly atmosphere.

You will be ready to receive a top quality service and results that will ensure you leave the salon looking and feeling your best.

How We Can Help

Whether you are looking for an easy, everyday style or something particularly special, we offer a range of services to meet whatever your hair goals are.

We offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of both female and male customers and our services are ideal for all types and textures and every style of hair.

It is our aim that your hair looks amazing, feels revitalised and is kept in amazing condition.


We offer free consultations and are happy to discuss your options to ensure that we create a style that works for you and your lifestyle. We are known for our honesty and our approach to consultations is always based on what will work for you – and we always offer realistic and truthful guidance. With great value pricing, we understand the importance of knowing prices before beginning your treatment and we will always discuss the costs involved with you. Please note that following an initial consultation, all new hair colour clients are required to complete a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment.

Ladies Hair

Should it be a straight-forward or regular trim or a cut and blow-dry or even if it is time for a complete restyle, this is where we excel. Whatever your objectives, we can help deliver a completely new style and look for your hair – be that a cut, style or a bold new colour.

Short Hair

Whether you have a short hair style that may include everything from the crop pixie style to a classic bob, we consider your face shape and individual features to ensure the style complements every detail. We recommend regular visits with shorter styles to ensure the look and hair condition is maintained.

Medium Hair

We regularly cut mid length styles, the most recent and popular being the ‘lob’ haircut which can be poker straight or gently layered around the face. Mid length hair is versatile and easy to maintain, to add volume and texture we can subtly cut in layers or just shape around the face.

Long Hair

Long hair needs regular trims to minimise breakage and split ends. We can cut layers into long hair to maintain volume and movement or we can gently just cut the ends to maintain length. Whether it’s a trim, a restyle or complete hair transformation, we work with you to ensure that we achieve the look you desire.

Mens Hair

Our approach to mens hair is different to the modern day barber. We offer detailed consultations where required and then match this with treatments to suit your hair.

We then follow this with a precise cut with a scissor over comb technique – we don’t believe in using clippers – and prefer the precision and accuracy of scissors.

Your precision cut is then finished with our popular blow dry technique and individual styling using the latest styling products to create the look you want. We find our clients leave us feeling as good as they look.

Childrens Hair

We offer a very friendly and stress-free approach to children’s haircuts and styling.

Many years of experience has taught us that whether it is a regular, quick trim or a more detailed restyling, our approach of patience and understanding ensures a pleasant and speedy visit.

Clients and parents often tell us how much their children had previously hated getting their hair cut and that they are amazed at how much they now enjoy their time in the salon.

Some well-behaved children even receive a little treat at the end of their visit!

Please note that appointments are required for children.


As colouring experts, we are highly experienced at combining technical understanding, experience and  to achieve stunning personalised colours and long lasting results.

Whether you are searching for flawless highlights, a complete colour transformation or even colour correction, our clients leave the salon delighted.

We carry out in-depth consultations with you to discuss colour changes and techniques as well as advise on all aspects of hair colouring. So whether you are looking for a vivid colour statement or a bold multi-colour finish, soft pastels or gentle tones – we can help.

At Vintage Hair Salon, we strongly believe that hair cuts and colours should work together to deliver a stunning, complementary look. So whether you are looking for a few sun-kissed highlights or a complete change of colour – or even greater grey coverage, our talented approach to colouring techniques will ensure your results will perfectly complement your skin tone and eye colour.

From beautiful highlights to subtle definition, we offer our expert advice helping you to meet your hair goals.

Please note that following an initial consultation, all new hair colour clients are required to complete a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment.

Hair Care and Maintenance

When it comes to looking after your hair, we are always willing to offer help and guidance.

We know that you want keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and so we always offer professional advice on your individual hair care routine along with details of the products you should and shouldn’t be using.

This support and guidance ensures you can avoid damage to your hair and we encourage clients to  keep regular hair appointments.

We are always happy to recommend the best hair care and styling products will be the best for your hair to make the most out of your individual treatment.

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